The Preponderance of the Small

The photographic art of K. Cronin

the nail.jpg

Artist statement

We live in a world full of imagery. Every day we are presented with an almost overwhelming amount of visual information and we must all pick and chose what to pay attention to. People will travel great distances to see scenic beauty but they often miss the beauty that lies beneath their feet or that exists in a common view that they see day after day. The cracks in a sidewalk, the rust on an old tin can, the peeling of paint, these things can also be small scenes of great scenic beauty. Nature is constantly reclaiming and remaking the man made and as the greatest of all artists it has it way with all things both great and small. My art is about paying homage to this. I like to focus on the views that are easily overlooked and show how the universal is in the moment. I call my work the Preponderance of the small after the 62nd hexagram of the I Ching.