Jon Zax comes from a family of educators and has spent a lifetime both learning and passing on information about the photographic and digital Arts. An early adopter of Photoshop, he currently teaches in the MFA program at San Francisco and at the Kala Institute  in Berkeley. Set up some time to come by and pick his brain on anyone of a number of subjects. Sign up for private lessons with Jon. These classes can be about any aspect of Digital imaging. Ask and learn what is specifically important to you. Every new version of this powerful program adds new tools for you to take advantage of. Stay on top of what’s new or get more familiar with the tools you already have.


  1. Overview of target areas  »»»  Printing with the master | Printing by the master | House Calls | Drum Scanning


  • Lightroom
  1. Learn how to properly use this program to keep track of your files. Find out about the advantage of RAW processing and how to avoid the basic mistakes often made.
  • Color Management
  1. An essential part of digital imaging.  A lessons or two can tame the confusion.
  • Digital Camera Use
  1. The modern digital camera has seemingly endless menus that need clarification.
  2. Get the most potential you can out of your camera.
  • Printing
  1. Any problems that you may be having printing can be a session.
  2. Jon specializes in problem solving for more advanced Users, but he is happy to share his knowledge with people just starting out  and taking on new projects as well.
  • Scanning