with tripodLotusColor opened its doors back in 1990 in San Francisco. Digital technology was in its infancy then and we started out by doing compositing and retouching in a new program called “Photoshop”.  We also started drum scanning the vast quantity of film now needing to be digitized; and then in a short while, advances took place in ink-jet printing and the “Giclee” print was born. For the past twenty plus years we have been helping photographers and other traditional artists achieve their vision by producing quality scans and prints of their Art work. Here in 2013, while continuing to do this work we are now focusing on teaching what we know to others.

Jon Zax developed his first roll of film at the age of ten and has spent a lifetime pursuing both the technical and  artistic aspects of photography. During his college years he studied with Fine Art photographer Ron Rosenstock. Upon moving to San Francisco in the mid –seventies he was an active early member of the Eye Gallery.  He participated in many shows and opened is own studio. In the early eighties he assisted many of the Bay Area’s premier photographers as well as working in the cities top Photo Labs. In 1990 he opened Lotuscolor, which we referred to as “the Digital Imaging Oasis” The computer and the digital revolution of the early nineties change the way imagery was dealt with but having a pre-digital sensibility and a knowledge of darkroom printing and traditional camera work has continued to serve and inform all of Jon’s work.